1. Deacon Jones

    “So…I heard you’re dead broke. Ever hear of that term? What was it again?”

  2. Mike Walker

    ♫ Un-nake my snarrrt!! ♪♪

  3. alex

    Oh my. What happened to stunner Toni Braxton? She’s bummer toni now…..

  4. Suck it

    Looks like a cow eyed Snooki.

  5. Looks like a tasty little morsel to me. Different. But a tasty little morsel nonetheless.

  6. “You are absolutely right! Your fart does warm my hand!”

  7. skippy86

    wow, I think I’d rather do him

  8. jep

    “Wait, wait, wait. You said there would be never-ending pancakes and gallons of maple syrup at this soiree, Julio.”


    “Whatever. Where’s the nearest IHOP?”

  9. She’s put on a little weight, but I’d still fuck the shit out of her.

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