1. Johnny P!

    Interviewer: “So, you played a young cabaret singer in Nazi-occupied germany who worked in a club hosted by a transvestite M.C. and who had a fling and got pregnant by a bisexual British man (or perhaps from the threesome you had with his German lover). Do you think that’s still relevant today?”
    Liza: “Hmmm?… Is it wakey time? Where are my eggs? I like the yolks runny, y’know. And my pills? Where are my pills? Bring ‘em with a shot of scotch… can’t swallow ‘em dry anymore… MAMA!!!!”

  2. Jill

    Looks like someone’s got a case of the dizzies.

  3. “Hay lapa no ya, Solo!”

  4. B&WMinstrel

    It’s Liza with a ZZZZZ

  5. Somewhere there is a gay man looking at this photo weeping.

  6. “I only had one little drinkee-poo.”

  7. Tinka

    “I’m melting, MELTING!!!”

  8. Bonky

    Liza “Godmother” Minnelli , leader of the Velvet Mafia.

  9. skipy86

    Yiddish the Hut

  10. Pip Pip Cheery-O

    “How AM I ever going to turn off that lamp…?”

  11. She doesn’t even know where she is.

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