1. Deacon Jones

    These two should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Ugliest Offspring from Celebrity Couple”

  2. WonderChin powers activate!

  3. pavement_smear

    So when did Hasbro release the “Demon Spud” accessory pack?

  4. It must be real useful to be able to hide your last chin-stabbing victim inside your dress like that.
    Bravo madam/sir…

  5. has anyone seen a picture of these girls looking up, or does the chin just weigh the head down?

  6. it’s gotta be tough knowing your greasy, unattractive sister is not “the ugly one”.

  7. cagster

    Guy in the background really says it all.

  8. K-Tron

    Potato, Potahto

  9. “I am Vigo! Scourge of Carpathia! Sorrow of Moldavia!”

  10. cc

    My guess is no one is hacking into their phones.

  11. Tinka

    Nice to see that Kristen Stewart can express at least some emotion, even though it’s “I’m going to hunt you down and cut you while you sleep”.

  12. your mom

    Those are the scariest ‘come fuck me eyes’ I have ever seen.

  13. Bonky

    Well, there goes my erection….

  14. anonym


    are there uglier kids in hollywood?

  15. Icehawg

    Future generations will be boggled that we didn’t kill these two super villains now before their super fucking evil powers REALLY came in.

  16. lawn

    Does Tallulah almost look good, or is it just because she’s next to Rumer?

  17. they really should keep these 2 a few miles apart.

  18. Wow, ugly times 2. Jesus. You definitely won’t get any boyfriends going damn, I wish I could fuck her sister too.

  19. Here’s a ‘Would You Rather” straight from Satan’s anus: the Chin-obal twins- spawn of Bruce and Demi OR the Douche-tastic Jaden and Willow- spawn of Will and Jada?

  20. These poor kids lost the genetic lottery.

  21. “Come and play with us, Danny. Forever…and ever…and ever.”

  22. me

    Rumer only got her Mums eyes. I guess the rest wasn’t to be found in her mums gene contribution.

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