1. There can b only one Frosty.

  2. DeucePickle

    So that’s where Adrian Paul has been hiding

  3. “I call it Snowy Khloe.”

  4. Cock Dr

    Snowman is perfect except for that scarf.
    Seems like there’s ALWAYS a damned scarf.


    Somebody tell Khloe to put some fucking clothes on!!!

  6. cc

    ‘Someone call Kim K, we need a snowblower!’

  7. Crazy-Eye Frosty is about to put a world of “there can be only one” on Lambert.

  8. cagster

    You should see his christmas decorations.

  9. “Okay Chris, we’re gonna take all this snow and make an army of snowmen.”

    “NO! There can be only one!”

  10. I really wish they had killed the Mortal Kombat movies off before Raiden stole Sub Zero’s costume and came up with the “Crazy Eyed Hitler ‘Stache Snowman” fatality.

  11. Mumbler

    Half of me is the Earl of Greystoke. The other half is old.

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