1. Deacon Jones

    “What happened here?”

    “Sir….he’s struck again. Except this time, he literally ATE her toes.”

    {radio squawks}
    “Lockdown the exits. Quentin is within the inner perimeter.”

  2. George P Burdell

    What is a scene from Truth About Cate & Dogs II?

  3. Jill

    The lady with the dark hair is about to get thrown out of a 4th story window by Marcellus Wallace.

  4. farrellthib

    sarah silverman promised head if she could be invited

  5. cagster

    Afterbirth just fell out?

  6. “Please master…just lets us see the precious…”

  7. B&WMinstrel

    We can’t all be film stars but an hour or two with a groveller makes a wonderful gift for a birthday

  8. K-Tron

    “Dammit if Quentin wasn’t right about these feet!”

  9. E.T.

    Undercover extraterrestrial on the ground: “AAAaagGghhhh! I lost my contact!!!”

  10. cc

    Never step on the Terminator’s finger. Not even as a joke.

  11. This is one of those photos that make you wonder just what the fuck is REALLY going on here…

  12. Truk

    “I’m sorry, but this horse just can’t be broken”

  13. Anal Leakage

    Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique – that girl only has one more step to go.

  14. “After she leaves the restroom,she makes me lick her clean from her shoes to her shithole.”

  15. Did we interrupt a lesbian sexual encounter? Don’t mind us, keep going.

  16. tlmck

    I have heard of hand maidens but…

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