1. Cock Dr

    Proof that for men you don’t need to be a big blonde Viking to be a movie star.

  2. farrellthib

    M.O.? Is that they’re good… Once it escalated into a murder one beef for all of ‘em after they killed the first two guards, they didn’t hesitate. Pop guard number three because… what difference does it make? Why leave a living witness? Drop of a hat these guys will rock and roll…

  3. John Travolta

    Al’s a fucking midget…apparently.

  4. “I’m not the delivery guy. Go get your own fucking coffee.”

  5. Bonky

    “I don’t have to show you my fingernails to prove nothing, I’m Al Pacino damn it and if you don’t believe me you can go to hell !”

  6. journalschism

    “So you were born to play Sandusky, huh?”

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