1. Let’s be honest… millions in the bank kinda lets you get away with smaller packages…

  2. Fraiser would be ashamed!

  3. Jill

    Maybe he just swapped with the baby?

  4. Let’s ask Sigmund Freud what he thinks about all this.

  5. Argo

    on his way to the strip club

  6. Hmmmm…an older fellow carrying a baby seat, and he’s got a tiny boner. I think we could make a weekly series out of that.

  7. lawn


  8. skippy86

    Heres the baby and what made it

  9. jon hamm called.
    he said he thinks HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Is the baby actually in there or did he leave it at the Playboy Mansion?


  12. He’s so, so skeezy.

  13. Lohan's Flappy Meat Curtains

    Show us your tits Dr. Crane!

  14. Carl

    Another damn baby he will abandon.

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