1. Deacon Jones

    From a psychics standpoint, this is very confusing.

  2. henry hill

    gtf outta the way, m. knight shaymalan. transporter IV just got the green light.

  3. what the...?

    It looks like Jason Statham is moving a wax figure

  4. Move out of the way you greasy Indian bastard.

  5. CK

    Is this a scene from his next movie where he just throws waiters at the bad guys?

  6. First Bieber and now him? Is it boob-grab-your-grinning-fans season?

  7. cc

    Outta the way mate, my agent called and said they need someone for a really bad action movie!

  8. Wow, they’ve even outsourced the job of drunken bar patron.

  9. “You said you wanted a cigar store Indian, so I just assumed…”

  10. Anal Leakage

    Look at his shoes – is that Sideshow Bob’s indian cousin, Sideshow Patel?

  11. Frank Burns

    Patrons tipping Jason less than 20% soon find themselves pushed out the door.

  12. Vlad

    Trust throw

  13. When Rosie calls for sex, everybody better get the fuck out his way.

  14. I am so disappointed

  15. me

    It was only a matter of time before the only scripts available to Mr Statham were from Bollywood.

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