1. Deacon Jones

    This is who Bai Ling looks at to feel better about herself.

  2. Lucky for her, they’re at a vodka-sponsored event. She’s getting lucky tonight!

  3. J to the ROC

    OMG…did she finally lose some LBS? It’s about time, that fat cow.

  4. That’s not Aubrey O’Day. What the fuck did she do to her face? She actually looks good.

  5. cc

    If they really wanted some press, they’d have invited Lindsay Lohan. Can you imagine, LiLo at a party dedicated to vodka? She’d lay this bitch out for sure.

  6. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Side boob = good.
    Side tatt = bad.

  7. Stewid

    Looks almost STD free in this photo…almost.

  8. Martina

    whoa, I thought she melted away 3 years ago?

  9. Brunettes really need to start recognizing their true beauty is being Brunette! Then they would no longer need all the make up compensation for looking so washed out bleached blonde.

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