1. Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

  2. joe

    In the bag: his career.

  3. guttboy

    Pulling a Bukowski.

  4. Bonky

    He’s meeting Mickey Rourke at the airport…..

  5. Johnny P!

    Someone called dibs in the “Miami Vice” wardrobe castaway bin…

  6. EricLr

    Hammer Time!

  7. The MIB seem concerned that he might be an alien.

  8. catapostrophe

    Now THAT’s a dirty jacket!

  9. TooCoo

    From this day forward, when 2 trains collide it shall be known as a “Nolte”.

    - Excerpt from BNSF railway press release

  10. gotta love him.

  11. All he needs to do is roll around in some dog shit and he can easily swipe the title of Dirtbag King from Mickey Rourke.

  12. Veronika Larsson

    Modeling the Mickey Rourke collection. We call this ensemble Neon Hobo.

  13. The Royal Penis

    Ha! Pink! LMAO!

  14. Phoenix

    “No, really. I only want a sip.”

  15. Contusion

    Ironically, there is $1 million in hundred dollar bills in that bag, but somehow he’s got on some homeless lady’s pink pants.

  16. Anthony

    He looks like he thinks people are constantly following him.

  17. cc

    I conclude from that jacket that he changes his own motor oil…then wallows in it.

  18. Turdus R. Ferguson

    Check out the dude in the background.

  19. zomgbie

    ann hathaway says indiana jones has a gay brother- illinois jones.

  20. AnnaD.

    Mickey AND Nick in the same set? My-my, it’s our lucky day!

  21. Stewid

    I can easily see him writing a check out for 69 cents.

  22. As Zero Fucks Given policies go, I find his remarkably consistent.

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    Here we see Nick Nolte successfully sneaks past Eddie Murphy’s entourage thus sparing us from another ’48 hours’ sequel.

  24. Martina

    But of course he accessorizes the pink pants with a gray hat – the classic middle-aged douche look

  25. Amazing actor. He can dress however he likes. Love him.

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