1. joe

    There aren’t too many actresses who are comfortable having their picture taken with a plug of Red Man in their mouth.

  2. EricLr

    I’m not sure if the photo needs color correction, or just her face.

  3. Deacon Jones

    You’d think she would’ve learned by now that producers dont appreciate bright lipstick. It’s harder to get it out of their pubes.

  4. J to the ROC

    I didn’t know they sold lipstick in “whore” color.

  5. henry hill

    helen, i’m about to fap-again!

  6. That lipstick actually looks good on her, and of course, tits.

  7. cc

    A failed attempt to draw attention from her breasts. I guess she doesn’t really understand men.

  8. At least the pearls look real.

  9. B.W.Mnsl

    It’s Helen’s unfounded confidence that makes her tonight’s special Hero.

  10. hacksaw

    Lazy Eye

  11. Chris

    It’s creepy when the top half of your head appears to be facing a different direction than the bottom half.

  12. I knew if I scrolled down, something would redeem that lipstick. And I was right.

  13. Sardonic

    I’ve seen that same look in one of those Disneyland Haunted Mansion portraits.

  14. edvard munch

    Want to touch the heiny

  15. VALIS

    A shark with make-up? Now I’ve seen everything!

  16. TheCynic

    So the lipstick is goofy, who care? She has the prettiest eyes I’ve seen in a while, and those sweater puppies ain’t bad either.

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