1. Johnny P!

    Never trust a kleptomaniac with big sleeves.
    ESPECIALLY at a vodka-sponsored event.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Well, I guess this event title answered my initial question whether she was still sober.

  3. I could benefit from a light vodka event.

  4. Tillman

    “One moment, please! Nee-pulls not in ready state!”

  5. cc

    They had to drive through obscurity to get to where she was.

  6. Didn’t John Lennon leave Yoko for this chick?
    No wait, that was May Pang. I always get may Asian whores confused.

  7. Hey CD, what do you think of these shoes? *retches*

  8. tlmck

    It’s good that she comes pre-wrapped in her own condom.

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