1. Johnny P!

    I guess when you get to a certain age, you just get them to embroider a ‘youthful’ cameltoe motif onto your yoga pants…

  2. *Grabs sharpie and starts tracing her cameltoe area*
    Cheaper than buying the latest trends.

  3. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    She needs bigger glasses to cover up the ugly

  4. EricLr

    Last picture found on a bloody camera.

  5. well the ugly glasses cover up a lot of the plastic face but then the leggings throw us back into hideous. *sigh*

  6. Well, they say you do lose sensation in your extremities with diabetes.

  7. J to the ROC

    I still have a 1980′s boner with her name on it.

  8. Pff

    If you used the Zoom tool you seriously need to seek psychiatric care. Don’t be in denial.

  9. Tidbit

    The stiches from her plastic surgery lift are showing.

  10. Contusion

    Those pants are rather unseamly.

  11. cc

    She has Liam Neeson’s scarf!

  12. popwilleatitself

    Does she have scoliosis of the neck?

  13. Billy

    Where did her ass go? She’s totally butt less.

  14. me

    She’s almost 60..which i’m sure is older than most commenters moms. So, your mom looks like a supermodel?? Riight.

  15. GiantMuffin

    “Looks like camel toe….smells like camel toe…..tastes like camel toe….thank god I didn’t marry it….oooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” – Antonio

  16. Oz Matters

    Well, I no longer need to imagine what it looks like when a b52 opens it bomb bay doors.

  17. Longjohns are undergarments. UNDERGARMENTS!

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