1. Johnny P!

    “Some Dudes Marry Ducks.
    Get Over It”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    And now we know why.

  3. So…she’s a dude now?

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Wait’ll they get a load of me”

  5. Timothy

    Kinda Mickey Rourke, with smaller biceps.

  6. 1NDUN

    Quit your butchin’.

  7. Natty Ice

    Yeah Chaz, we know.

  8. I’m making me a t-shirt…”Some women can’t act. Get over it.”

  9. Ronaldo

    Wow. Some women do need makeup.

  10. Veronika Larsson

    “I Used to Be Hot. Now I’m Not.”

    Now THAT’S a t-shirt. But make sure to manufacture them in XL.

  11. J to the ROC

    I still have a 1990′s boner with her name on it…

  12. Tidbit

    Said the Dude’s T-Shirt.

  13. And some dudes marry Marylin Manson.

  14. Darth Mung

    Henry Rollins wants his neck back

  15. Whew. I thought Hillary Duff had regressed.

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    It’s Macaulay Culkin on estrogen.

  17. This is really fucking sad!

  18. Mickey01232000

    And what about this dude. Who is he going to marry?

  19. EZ-B

    “I need yur clothes, yur boovts, ahnd yur motorcycle.”

  20. Dick Trickle

    “Some beautiful women have hairlines that start in the center of their skull. Get over it.”

  21. glam

    It looks like she just got done working out. Peace and love, you angry fucks.

  22. BlackSmoke

    I’m no longer
    Still trying to
    accept that.

  23. Martina

    somebody needs to tell Rose that it’s over, and no new set of knee pads is going to change that

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