1. It’s official… my job sucks.

  2. “Check out how veiny my leg is…it’s like one of kim kardashian’s boobs’

  3. Deacon Jones

    “Um Candice…there’s a man, Deacon Jones, who is here and he’s refusing to leave until you let him eat your ass. He’s already knocked out two of our security guards.”

  4. alex

    If I were her, I would literally never stop admiring my own ass. Dear lord…

  5. Beantown

    jesus christ

  6. I’d love to use her ass as a pillow. Dude in the back is just admiring perfection.

  7. J to the ROC

    “Whats my motivation?”
    “You’re a hooker, figure it out”

  8. Otto Van Otto

    “No, that isn’t lilac infused poutporri that you smell, I just farted,” said Candice to the army of homosexuals surrounding her

  9. Ronaldo

    Wow. That girl is just amazing.

  10. Ajmal Ahmed Abdul Rafiq

    Quick someone put a burka on that woman!

  11. “Um, Candice, I think it’s REALLY time for you to consider trimming that bush.”

  12. angerinside

    ” Thank you Miss Swanepoel, we’re pretty sure all the gay guys are straight and all the straight girls are gay now”.

  13. Jason

    God bless the Internet.

  14. diegoga

    Holy shit hole! (as im writting these i cant stop pausing and going up the page to see that amazing piece of ass! so yummy, so cum hungry peace of creampie worthy ass)

  15. lawn

    Even a supposed candid shot gets shopped all to hell.

  16. Mary

    She has, in my opinion, the most appealing body of all the Victoria’s Secret models. However, I remember seeing pictures of her before, and people complained about her lack of butt. So… were those unflattering pictures, or what? Because her butt is pretty spectacular in this picture.

  17. Kanye West


  18. Martina

    oh my … who wouldn’t do that ass?

  19. Leather Balls

    Face first.

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