1. Looks like Gerard Butler is trying to decide if he wants to pay for another abortion.

  2. “You keep a port-a-potty in your hotel room? Why?”
    “Come up and I’ll show you.”
    “Eww no”
    “I’ll put you in my next movie”
    “So it’s this way to your hotel right?”

  3. Goddamn. There were some fine asses making the rounds of Miami beaches yesterday.

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Really? The new Porta-Potty 65 Wide has built in shock absorbers as is soundproof? *speed dials local dealer*

  5. Lisa could feel her cheeks blush as Gerard Butler gave her the “not bad” face.

  6. “nice butt….”
    “Who’s your girlfriend?”

  7. Sheppy

    I like her swimwear too.

  8. River Felix

    It’s fucking 29 degrees in upstate New York right now and people in Miami are at the beach. It’s going to be another five months before we see the sun here. Oh, a thong.

  9. Dennis

    Must. visit. Miami.

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  11. journalschism

    You might as well caption all his photos as, “Gerard Butler in Dick Notch, [INSERT STATE]“

  12. gigi


  13. Jenn

    The rest of America is freezing, and they’re wearing bathing suits in Florida. This is why they’re mostly nuts. Their brains are cooked.

  14. STD_Analysis

    Hmmm. Which of these ladies wants some Herpes?

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