1. That chick is really fucking ugly. Are we even sure it’s a chick?

  2. Goddamn, did I ever laugh at this picture. But seriously, neither of these winners should be driving, by the looks of it.

  3. You make fun, but do YOU have your own Zombie Johnny Depp? You do not.

  4. It’s L.A., so we know that’s not snow on their coats. Hmmm.

  5. On Superman’s Bizarro World, Bizarro Johnny Depp be not dating Bizarro Catherine Zeta Jones.

  6. By the greek gods there has to be a smell in there, that soap can’t cure.

  7. Dox

    Why is she orange?

  8. Note to self. Set up crowdfunding site to finance methadone clinic next to Chateau Marmont.

  9. Flatliner

    These two just slay me…can’t wait for their next photo op

  10. Are we sure this is not a Tim Burton movie set?

  11. Silly paparazzi, zombies can’t drive cars.

  12. Jiminy Cryptic

    Still sweaty I see………

  13. JimBB

    Look, we’re in a hurry here. If you don’t get out of our way, there is a heroin dealer who is going to be VERY pissed off. Have you ever try to deal with a pissed-off heroin dealer? HAVE YOU??

  14. to be fair, what woman can resist a man wearing the scalp of his last date whos body is still in the pit he dug in his basement for the aliens.

  15. Mrs Claus

    Maybe they’re both men. They both look like a good shave wouldn’t hurt one bit.

  16. spikedtounge

    Dammit Paz! Just how far up there did you shove that baggie?!

  17. What?

    She thinks she looks like Angelina Jolie. He thinks he looks like Johnny Depp. They both wrong.

  18. Joe Blow

    Liv Tyler’s really let herself go…

  19. Jenn

    They’re both greasy and burnt orange like cheap chicken nuggets. Either they share bronzer, or they’re related.

  20. broduhjenner

    Driving Miss Hazy

  21. jua

    quien carajo es paz de la huerta? A esta no la conoce ni la vieja jaja

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