1. “Mother, he’s been drinking for 4 days straight now. I’m not sure what to even do with him”

    “Keith……KEITH! You’re upsetting Nicole, Keith”


  2. “Okay, Keith. Come on. It’s time to give some other boys a turn on the jungle gym.”

  3. EricLR

    For the hundredth time, Nicole, no I *HAVEN’T* seen John Connor.

  4. kravdan

    Keith I told you a hundred times my botox injection pump is not a toy!

  5. Donkeylicks

    Who else thought Nicole was looking a little grey?

  6. ‘No, Keith. No. For the last time, this isn’t the zip line of freedom. In fact, I’m sure your wife has heard you by now, so I’m going to have to ask you to let go and talk to her as I escort you out of our park.’

  7. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Mr. Urban…this clothes line will hold every shirt you own.”

  8. betty

    she looks very fit.

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