1. I didn’t realize her and Nick Swardson were pals.

  2. akd

    Ahh, $4 million at it’s finest!

  3. Let’s play “Spot the Dressed-Down Secret Service Agent”

  4. From the looks of pedo-face back there in the striped polo, I’m not convinced that this isn’t the opener for a very special episode of Law & Order: SVU.

  5. EricLR

    Which one is she?

  6. Moo Cow Hunter

    I told him not to push me. Then he hit my fist with his chin.

  7. Dude in the purple shirt is planning a kidnapping on the scale of the Lindburgh case.

  8. Can the dude in the back wearing the purple-striped shirt be called on the carpet for wearing flip-flops while on duty?

  9. She looks as fortunate a combination of her two parents as Chelsea Clinton was unfortunate.

  10. What nobody’s figured out yet is that girl in the blue jacket and flip-flops is also a secret service agent.

  11. Throb the Wonder Mule

    What, no “countdown to 18″ for her? No bikini shots yet?

  12. They must be on a field trip to go see that Fiscal Cliff her dad is trying to hurl us off.

    Thank God she doesn’t look like her mom, the First Wookie.

  13. rospo

    …and Kim Kardashian in blue pants, checking her new pose.

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