1. bigalkie

    This is just a guess.. Some rich dudes daughter?

  2. Sad manatee is sad.
    But at least her ass cheek isn’t jelloing down her thigh.

  3. Are you sure that’s not Bill Goldberg?

  4. “does this bikini make me look fat?”

    no, but the skinny chick behind you does.

  5. So she survived?!?!

    I thought for sure she died after they shot her with the shotgun in that “Whale Wars” commercial I saw the other night!

  6. AHHHHHHHHHH! Photos of real people! Get it away!

  7. flaT

    “I got your inner tube, right here”

  8. Inspired casting for Lifetime channel’s “The Untold Kate Upton Story: Boxed In.”

  9. EricLR

    Wow, a tight body AND jewish! This one’s a keeper!

  10. Cock Dr

    I’ll bet she butters her hush puppies, and then pours gravy on top.

  11. WoulntDoHerWithYourDick

    “You think it’s big now… wait till next year!”

  12. aj

    i dont know who this girl is but shes too retarded to put her top on right

  13. oldfool

    A new Jewess game–Beach Bling Bingo.

  14. hoo ha

    I’m 99% sure this idiot has her bikini top on wrong. The thick striped straps should tie around the back, the skinny brown ones around the neck…

  15. Josie Goldberg does, indeed, look a bit on the zaftig side, but I like chunky women and I’d love to wrestle with those milkers!

  16. Googled her — she’s a plus size model/designer/famewhore and that bikini (as well as the dumb jewelry) is from her own fashion line. Which makes it even more hilarious that the top’s on upside-down.

  17. Inky Black

    She’s brave cavorting near the sea like that, she could be harpooned by a Japanese “research” vessel at any moment.

  18. MW

    Wow, so many clever whale jokes. You guys are just hilarious.

  19. shemp

    Hot as hell. And a real body. Pure heaven…

  20. LG

    this is a beach bunny bikini and she definitely has it on upside down, this is how it is supposed to be worn and what type of body it should be worn on…

  21. mel

    She probably has it on upside down because right-side-up those straps aren’t strong enough to hold up those boobs. She looks ridiculous.

  22. morey amsterdam

    I’ve never seen so many closeted, self-hating homosexuals making bitchy comments in all my life. This is what real women look like, lads. Go seek some sweaty dongs to suck on if that’s what you’re into, but otherwise STFU…

  23. Discount Double Check?

  24. betty

    I don’t think she looks bad – she just looks like a bigger chick – no cellulite. I don’t who it is anyway. seems like a normal person to me.

  25. babygirljer

    Her underwire is…….ON TOP!??!

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