1. jorge


  2. Colin

    “Chris Brown broke another one! Deploying next Rihanna-bot!”

  3. EricLR

    Someone give her a right hook, so she’ll smile.

  4. I really hope that Chris Brown beats her to death sooner than later. That way we don’t have to see or hear about either one of them ever again. The stupid cunt will deserve it for getting back with him.

  5. It looks like she is still on the beaten path.

  6. Cock Dr

    She sets a fine example for America’s young women….of how to repeatedly make a complete fool of yourself over an ugly and violent douchebag.

  7. DeucePickle

    Fuck all you people, she’s fucking hot as hell !

  8. Moo Cow Hunter

    I bet she got floor seats. She just can’t have enough of men landing on her and balls slapping in her face.

  9. Pine Table Fever

    This dozy mare and The Lakers have one thing in common – both have taken serious beatings yet keep coming back for more and act like everything’s fine.

  10. Clear shot and no one took it. Tsk.

  11. Edvard Munch

    Her legs and the ground form an equilateral triangle

  12. betty

    legs for days. she looks a bit like an alien though.

  13. maybe she stays with him so nobody will talk about her drug use no talent, and sexual exploits..of all the ways this chick is trying to kill herself people only focus on Chris??

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