1. that’s not normal.

  2. I…..I can’t believe I’m saying this, ….but I would hit it.

  3. Sabado Gigante

    Come, they told me, on her rump-a-pump-pump. Me and my…oh, you get it.

  4. DeucePickle

    I would hit it too…….(sad face)

  5. WouldntDoHerWithYourDick

    That’s a huge bitch!

  6. Pine Table Fever

    What a fucking mess.

  7. Shiny, shiny butt implants.

  8. Extravaganza… You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  9. GLT

    “That’s no moon…”

  10. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Standards: non on this thread much.

  11. It looks like Truck Nuts.

  12. Inky Black


  13. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Holy Shit Batman !

    Now that’s an azz !

  14. betty

    why would you want to pay some doctor to give you a disgusting ass like that? I would be beyond horrified. makes me sick to look at the deformity. she should sue for malpractice.

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