1. Dear people on Twitter,

    Get over yourselves.

  2. That’s some serious armpit vag.

    • What the fuck’s the matter with you? Why the hell are you checking out her armpit, fer fucksake? Must be because her thumbs aren’t visible.

      • Because, as a woman who doesn’t look like that, my job is to search out and remark upon whatever small flaw I can find with her. After careful inspection, I had a choice between a snide comment about this “candid” pose, her obligatory tat, something to do with Rob Kardashian, or her armpit vagina. And how could I not go with the armpit? Look at that thing. It’s weird. And now I feel better about myself. See how that works?

      • forgot the cystic acne on her cheek. You gotta be thorough!

      • It’s the most vagina-like armpit I’ve ever seen, not saying she’s not hot cuz she’s still smokin’, but c’mon, how do you not notice that??

      • Excellent observation. Armpit vag is a very rare and inexplicable phenomenon.

  3. doritojoe

    Underboob is here to save the day!

  4. Arm pit is a weird place to keep your vagina but I’m not privy to all these new plastic surgery options.

  5. Uncle Funkle Bunker

    Don’t know. Don’t care. Would bang.

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