1. anonymous

    He can wear tighter pants now because his mom isn’t nearby half naked.

  2. The clothes say he’s gay…but his mom boner says “what the fuck is wrong with you??”

  3. Doctor_Joystick

    Poor kid already has carpal tunnel syndrome thanks to his Mom.

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Paul Reubens can retire. We have a replacement.

  5. the Janitor

    It’s funny, he came out of her, but I want to (edited) in her….

  6. His right hand is stuck in jerk off position.

  7. Well dressed like that chances are there will be a lot more boners in his futures.

  8. Mike Walker

    Child bearing hips…

  9. rican

    “Have you seen my mom? my peepe hurts”

  10. I didn’t recognize him without his boner.

  11. Nice try with the jacket and vest to draw people’s eyes up, kid, but as soon as your mom walks by, we’re all still going to check down low.

  12. Gitrl in the background just realised she left her phone at home.

  13. Nope, not gay at all.

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