1. Mohawk Disco

    - Hello, Uma! I have a new movie ideal for you. You’ll love it. It’s classy and stylish. But first, tell me about your toes.

  2. I still can’t find David Spade.

  3. Chaz

    Quentin…My celebrity is fading fast. Any movie ideas?

  4. “Ms Thurman, we’ve found Ethan Hawke. What are your orders?”
    “Kill him!”

  5. Jesus, has makeup ever done more for one person?

  6. Fondue

    I think Dave Foley would still nail that.

  7. JimBB

    Just get me a sacrificial virgin, NOW!!!!

  8. Swearin

    Right after she hung up the phone, the office building blew up. Coincidence?!

  9. She looks like an old lady drowning in tweed..

  10. malaka

    - 500 points for grifindor

  11. Remember when morons used to pretend she was human looking and even attractive?

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