1. To make up for his daughter going on stage wearing practically nothing, Billy Ray Cyrus decided to go on stage wearing everything.”

  2. JC

    Huh–I can’t decide if Steven Tyler looks better or worse than normal here….

  3. Damn, that’s a lot of scarves

  4. Just needs a… couple… more… scarfs…

  5. “I can’t pick a scarf…FUCKIT, I’ll wear them all!”

  6. Mohawk Disco

    - What’s with the scarfs, Billy?
    - Shut up, I’m channeling Steven Tyler!
    - Maybe you should channel a dad. Miley just joined the mile high club!
    - All right! Next song: Love in an Elevator!

    • mike

      This guy can’t possibly beat Steven Tyler for parenting. “Oh, yeah, sweetie, just, that’s right, push Alicia’s thigh out just a bit more…”

  7. This poses quite the dilemma for me. I don’t like this guy, but if it wasn’t for him there’d be no Miley.

    Oh well. Thanks for Miley, now fuck off.

  8. JimBB

    Camp Freddy must be a special camp for retards than actually like Billy Ray Cyrus music.

  9. cc

    I heard his family has a genetic predisposition to sore throats, so he’s just being cautious.

  10. Ron Burgundy

    Check 1,2, …..mic check, …check
    Heard off stage, “Ok it sounds good! Now get off the stage! Shows gonna start!”

  11. whatever

    where is your little black leather thong with dental floss string for your crack? and that side-tongue? oh you’re a serious artist are you?
    the man is fully dressed, tell your daughter to get some clothes on too, she is whoring nude assed on stage every night

  12. blerg

    just making sure that Thicke guy doesn’t sneak up on him.

  13. icu

    People actually showed up AND paid to see this orangutan? Here I thought my life was shitty….

  14. Kenny Rogers has still got it!

  15. chris.mayhem

    It was supposed to be a joint BJ & The Bear/My Two Dads reunion show, but neither the monkey nor Paul Reiser could bear being seen in public with Greg “All the Scarves” Evigan…

  16. Jenn

    Don’t touch my scarves, my eighty crazy scarves. Ooo hooo!

  17. tlmck

    Trying to outdo Elvis, Billy Ray decided he would throw sweat-soaked scarves into the audience but they all got thrown back.

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