1. Don Draper's Dad

    So. Kelly, are we going to Belgium? Euthanasia is legal there, so if we could stop in Antwerp I’d appreciate it.

  2. JC

    “The sagging jowls say ‘daughter of Ozzy Osborne,’ but the purple hair, spherical body, and neon green shoelaces say, ‘If I ever co-host a show focused on making fun of people’s appearances, someone should shoot me in the face.’”

  3. the Janitor

    It was a game of truth or dare. I said dare and they dared me I couldn’t become an overweight Truman Capote impersonator in a purple wig, and then he added that I should date a guy from the meat puppets. I sure showed him. Burp…..(Licks her lips) Pudding?

  4. Chaz

    If Russel Brand and Katy Perry stayed together…

  5. “…and that’s another reason that I love you so! My last boyfriend, Kermie, would never have volunteered to pick me up from the airport.”

  6. She’s definitely putting the weight back on.

  7. Kathy Bates has really let herself go.

  8. gawd damn she gained all her weight back

  9. dude looks like hes about to let the extra baggage get run over.

  10. JimBB

    I think the Fashion Police are going to kick her off the force when they catch her going into Lane Bryant.

  11. “Kelly, I have something to confess. I’m only fucking you because you’re famous.”

    “Haha – and I’m only into you because of your beautiful hair.”

  12. The camera adds 20 lbs, and 2 chins.

  13. cc

    Whoooooooooa that’s of unattractive in one place at one time.

  14. The airport could do with replacing the Welcome sign with a Fuck Off sign.

  15. His dick must be so proud

  16. whatever

    ”this fat little ho keeps me close to ozzy”

  17. “What did I tell you? DON’T eat the purple candy…”

  18. Jenn

    Ever notice that when she’s thin Christina Agrila–fuck spelling that last name– is fat, and when Kelly gains weight, Christina is thin again? I think they’ve either got a fat exchange program going on, or Kelly lost her Fat XTina voodoo doll.

  19. Mr. Virginia Tech

    I thought Mama Cass choked on a Ham Sandwich

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