1. Are you sure this wasn’t Fire island?

  2. Next week on “Duck Dynasty”, Papa Phil has to question his belief system when Wolverine stops by for a little Bayou “slap n’tickle”!

  3. “Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. I’m hunting Wolvewines.”

  4. logan look out- its topman!!

  5. “it’s just a little pee, don’t leave……and precum….but don’t leave”!!!

  6. fred

    Right; nothing to see here. Just swimming. With a friend. With a male friend. With a hot, buttery male friend who has a long hard rod that feels so good when it goes in my mouth. . . Shit. Did I just say that last part out loud?”

  7. Now Michael Lohan’s tagging along with Pierce Brosnan?

  8. Thought Hugh…Do I sense a great white boner coming my way?

  9. He likes to go to gay beaches to meet women.

  10. “wolverine, my super-friend! Mind if I fly beside you?

  11. hug…hug…c’mon Hugh, just one hug!

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