1. Playing a little Buddy Whackett in his pocket.

  2. is David Spade the one in drag or the one looking at the one in drag?

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Who is the dorky guy leering at David Spade?

  4. Thought balloon coming from both people: “You look fucking ridiculous!”

  5. JC

    “The sagging jowls say ‘daughter of Ozzy Osborne,’ but the purple hair, spherical body, and neon green shoelaces say, ‘If I ever co-host a show focused on making fun of people’s appearances, someone should shoot me in the face.’”

  6. David legs are surprisingly nice.

  7. This is my favorite picture of the day…mostly because of the inordinately long time it took me to find David Spade in it.

  8. Not getting much respect from GaGa

  9. The Janitor

    He’s using the new Iflap app to transfer money into her account. Iflap, the app for the hooker on the go…..

    from the makers of Ifluk, the app for the hooker with Iflap…..

  10. Isn’t that the girl with the weird name that had the nip slip a few weeks back? She had a weird name. Aeon Flux or something.

  11. Mohawk Disco

    This guy is an enigma to me. He possesses nothing to make him appealing in any way. Yet here he is…

  12. Spade looks much better in heels than I thought he would.

  13. JimBB

    Spade has went from being the incredibly unlikely King of the Hollywood Poon Hounds to being “creepy guy leering from alcoves.”

  14. So who’s the guy in the baseball cap?

  15. cc


  16. “Hey baby. You like chicken. Well suck my dick, it’s foul.

  17. Man, such low hanging fruit…

  18. Jenn

    He’s a dawg. A teacup poodle but still a dawg all the same.

  19. tlmck

    Poor David. Even the low cost hookers pass him by these days.

  20. Mr. Virginia Tech

    This is the Spade’s natural hunting ground. If he senses “rebound” he pounces.

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