1. JC

    The first one to fall asleep at the supermodel slumber parties always gets her hair dunked in Kool-Aid. And then they have the naked pillow fight after…

  2. I don’t want to say this picture proves Phil is right, but….. c’mon people!

  3. cc

    She’s so dumb she’s actually taking a gulp of the liquid then blowing bubbles? When she starts farting it’ll get interesting.

  4. In the interest of winning captain obvious caption, I’m gonna call photoshop on this one

  5. crb

    Now if she could just do the same trick with her other set of labia.

  6. Is she trying to outdo Avril Latrine?

  7. She’s STILL burping Leo cum

  8. the AD from every Bar Refaeli shoot

    be it pink or be it blonde… more hair! cover that mess up!

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