1. Looks like her big sis didn’t get all the crazy in the family. I’ll be seeing those eyes and that smile in my nightmares for the next month.

  2. Poor kid, he told Make a Wish that he wanted to meet an NBA player, and they sent the dumb guy from the Twilight movies.

  3. JC

    The kid doesn’t normally have to wear that tube–they’re just pumping scented air straight into his nose to cover up the fetid stench of Kardashian that still follows this guy around.

  4. Just needs a… couple… more… scarfs…

  5. Beer Baron

    He looks thrilled to be there.

  6. yourmom

    He’s such a badass. 12 scarves, and it isn’t even cold there!

  7. Justine J

    i bet that fat woman, Myla SInaj is still lkusting over him. Go figure he showed even a glimmer of interest in the Kim K wannabe from Jersey, because his sister is also fat. Myla, he’d never marry you, you were the rebound that no one was supposed to iknow about because you are not up to “celebrity standards”. LMFAO

  8. JimBB

    I’m pretty sure the mom is way more thrilled than the kid.

  9. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have someone that has banged a kardashian visit immunosuppressed kids.

  10. Mylanddownunder

    Surely a sick child’s wish wasn’t to meet an oversized special kid? Thanks Make-a-wish.

  11. Odbarc

    Look, it’s the man who gave everyone cancer!

  12. martina

    And to think, that douche bag was once married to America’s Queen Douche Bag. Count your blessings Kris, you were almost dead.

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