1. Let’s see…do I go with Sarah Jessica Parker, or a joke about British teeth. I’m going to mull this over and come back later.

  2. Melissa

    Which one is Camilla??

  3. The Janitor

    “Why no. I’ve never heard of the band Haim. So you play bass?”

    I so hate myself right now…..

  4. Eejut

    I will call you Sarah.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    Yesss, I can sense the fear in him. Tell the chef I want this one for dinner.

  6. bikerbob

    Boy that horse on the left needs a good grooming before the show

  7. Just don’t let your husband drive while you’re visiting, Love.

  8. PassingTrue

    When twins meet.

  9. Cock Dr

    Too easy. What sport is there to be had when the game is simply staked out like a shooting range?

  10. “Alright, one chorus of ‘The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow’, then we’ll both have an apple.”

  11. Nice of Julia Roberts to invite her over to her stable.

  12. cc

    Hey sis, it’s been a while?

  13. Vladimir

    We all miss you back at the stables…

  14. Charles would think he was having a three way with camilla’s twin sister.

  15. crb

    In the next installment of “Separated At Birth”…

  16. crb

    Oh, crap now SJP is going to start whinnying with an insufferable pseudo-British accent just like Madge The Vadge and the 5th Horsewoman of the Apocalypse, GOOP…

    This planet, I don’t wanna…

  17. Awww smile for the camera. There’s no time like the holidays for family to get together.

  18. thecrazybetty

    looks like camilla and chris rock.

  19. George P Burdell

    Come give your mother a kiss

  20. Zellie200

    YES! YES.!Say it. He vas my… BOYFRIEND.


    Frau Blucher

  21. rican

    Camilla, meet Sarah. Sarah, meet Camilla.

  22. It’s the cocaine donkey out of Batchelor Party! I fuckin love that guy!

  23. Not pictured… A large hole in the back of the stable that the horse just kicked out…

  24. Vlad

    Family Reunion

  25. “Camilla’s cousin, always hamming it up for the camera.”

  26. TheO

    That’s embarrassing, they misspelled Sarah’s name on her stall.

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