1. All the looks and crazy of Brittney, without any of the talent…Oh wait, that could describe either of them!

  2. Mohawk Disco

    CUT! Her head slipped again. Somebody get more duct tape!

  3. “I ruined my career by getting knocked up by my boss.”

  4. JimBB

    The smart one of the family. She knows the whole multiplication table, up to 9!!

  5. She’s like Mayor Quimby’s mistress … ‘I have trouble with the spacebar”.

  6. My sister’s still relevant right? I can still ride on her coattails?

  7. “Thinking hurts!”

  8. I guess if you cake on enough makeup, you can make anything look somewhat good.

  9. Mylanddownunder

    She had to tilt her head because the breeze between her ears was whistling. Very annoying………..or so I hear.

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