1. He’s not doing it right at all. Doesn’t look even remotely wasted.

  2. The Janitor

    “I should’ve got. I should’ve fucking got it!”

    “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Joe. Nobody gets Russell Brand the first time around. Besides, you sucked way before that…”

  3. “Next stop, West Monroe, Louisiana!”

  4. “I’m sorry, your friend didn’t make it. He just wasn’t able to swim out of the submerged vehicle. By the way, where did you learn to hold your breath like that?”

  5. JimBB

    Drive me to safety, Black Friend!!

  6. fred

    Joe saw the photographers, looked to his left, and suddenly realized that it had happened again. He was photographed with a male friend in a situation that, while completely innocent with a perfectly good explanation, made him appear “light in the loafers.” He has worked hard to avoid these situations, he thought. He consulted with the best PR gurus to prevent it from happening. But somehow it did. Again and again. Joe was quietly distraught, but his body then filled with resolve to Never Let It Happen Again.

    Then he went to his boyfriend’s house and pumped him like a jackhammer.

  7. I know what Joe’s thinking…I got me a black dickkk…I got me a black dickkkk…kuntrashians don’t have them alllll…don’t have them alllll

  8. whatever

    could he look more gay? he met a lot of daddy’s at the chateau..

  9. Eboneee and ivoreee
    Go together in perfect harmoneee
    Side by side in my Can-yon-ero
    He’ll be…felching meee!

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