1. nasty surprise

    holy shit!

  2. Lady Hulk make Hulk happy.

  3. Wow, never thought she could get less attractive until now.

  4. The Jantior

    Ha! She got into a guy with a six pack! When usually the guy has to put a six pack….er….I mean, she drinks a six pack and the guy…..uhm……haha, she turns left for a living. You know what? I’m gonna rework this and get back to you….

  5. Please tell me she’s wearing a muscle suit. Somebody? Anybody!

  6. Mohawk Disco

    When your driving style picks a fight after every race you better bulk up.

  7. Hugh Jazz

    She forgot her frontspiece.

  8. Somewhere, Arnold Schwarzenegger is popping a boner.

  9. JC

    Those early Terminators were easy to spot…

  10. Grubster

    people. people. its not her body. its only her face. its photoshopped. try not to be so dense. lol

  11. And FYI, my penis isn’t remotely confused.

    Wise crack in 3… 2… 1…

  12. The Pope

    Well at least now her body matches her voice.

  13. Where's Dildo

    Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!!!!!

  14. Typical Redneck

    I guess NASCAR doesn’t piss test for Roids.

  15. Cock Dr

    Is that real?

  16. Dave Ain't Here, Man

    And for my third wish, how about a little head?

  17. Shouldn’t she be wearing a codpiece to hide that moose knuckle?

  18. This picture made Phil Robertson cry. I hope you are all HAPPY NOW!!

  19. WHat do you know, Brooke Hogan does look better as a brunette.

  20. “Bitch about not getting enough bikini pics NOW, motherfuckers.

    Fish and Photo Boy”

  21. Margaret

    Brooke Shields is looking manlier than ever.

  22. lol hilarious, you know some dipshit is going to believe this is real

  23. disFUCKINGusting!!!!!!!

  24. stucco

    Are they going to CGI the green skin on her afterwards?

  25. dontkillthemessenger

    Jennifer Nicole Lee isn’t usually this pale.

  26. JimBB

    GoDaddy commercials, always a great place to find classy women being treated with dignity and respect.

  27. We have a new leader to take over the role” MAN-LADY” , Brigitte Nielsen your out of the run, but you get a nice 2nd place prize, Jim Beam and mouth wash.

  28. There’s a lot about this photo that I’d rather never see again. Mostly Danica Patrick’s face.

  29. My pole just went out of position.

  30. argleblargle

    Brooke Shields’ head on Brooke Hogan’s body….

  31. whatever

    you know, at least fat people build human bodies out of shape, while these ‘athletes’ build themselves with bull hormone, pig hormone, any kind of body building non-human hormones to get themselves this freakishly muscular and huge, they are not even looking huamn anymore, they are in fact angry bull-human hybrids from all the steroids they take, and they kill themselves this way, a huan body is not suposed to be like that, and those people absolutely do it to themselves deliberately, i’d reather be fat and lazy, and HUMAN, if i had to choose one or the other

  32. The Victoria’s Steroid show was a smash flop!

  33. President Madonna (2140 – 2148)

  34. Greenie65

    Its literally like someone figured out a way to stuff my biggest nightmare into a pair of green booty shorts.

  35. tlmck

    What Bruce Jenner aspires to be.

  36. martina

    Whoa … drug test that “woman” now

  37. spicy

    She’s running in the front of the pack – something she never does in a racecar!!

  38. J

    WTF is that?

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