1. Jagger

    I picked up those same glasses from Home Depot for 4.99.

  2. At least put “Spoiler alert” up if you’re going to post the winners of RuPauls Drag race. Now what the fuck am I watching on Netflix this weekend?

  3. Cock Dr


  4. “Hey, I worked damn hard to get this body, and I’m not going to stop showing it off. Ever.”

    • BE

      After the crappy placement of the “decoration,” the horrible seam affect, the fact that the bottom cannot hang straight and the horrible black zipper in the back, who notices or cares about her body.

      Too busy pointing and laughing – to notice that she even has a body…

  5. Satan's bitch

    Lemme guess… She’s on her way to her ‘How to Accessorize While Welding’ class.

  6. Well, yes, that. And that and that and that. But at least she carries her phone in her purse.

  7. JPC

    Can you please stop posting a dozen pictures of this tranny after every single “Crap We Missed.”


  8. Hey look, it’s Cameron Diaz’s neighbor in There’s Something About Mary!

  9. timmy the dying boy

    I dunno, she may be hot and all, but that outfit is just plain stupid.

  10. Stewie Griffin

    Congrats on losing all that weight but how about you get over yourself some time before the end of the new millennium!

  11. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    Hey that’s my late Grandma’s lipstick from the viewing, give it back thief !!!

  12. baked

    Courtney Stodden’s got an older sister?

  13. squishy

    Oh my freaking godess, what a mess…and not the hot kind!!

  14. KC

    She forgot to return her 3D glasses.

  15. Urbanspaceman

    A transsexual?

  16. sin

    ew wtf who is she?! looks like a tranny!

  17. i love gold

    uh, that’s a dude.

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