1. She looks like an intergalactic 30 year old version of Shauna Sand.

  2. Cock Dr

    She tries hard and has an epic backside.
    IMO that she has breast implants is really quite a shame.

  3. LegMan

    Can you say, “AMAZON”?

    What a body though, sheesh!

  4. DeucePickle

    “I can’t quite see what that store is, maybe if I arch my back and stick out my ass….oh, it’s a Kinney Shoes”

  5. JC

    Space prostitute.

  6. your mom

    I think we found Courtney Stodden’s role model…

  7. I would have bought these were candids until right … here.

  8. I remember years ago, as a child, hearing a story about this outfit. Something about an emperor…

  9. lori


  10. MILF

    I do that pose when I’m trying to keep a poop in.

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