1. So then I told Miley, “Don’t worry, go ahead and take off that bra for daddy! If I ever learned anything from a negro, it’s that black leather gloves can get me an acquittal!”

  2. Johnny P!


  3. Proof that you can dress up a hillbilly, but you still can’t take him out.

  4. “Sure I’ll do the photo shoot shirtless. When does Miley get here?”

  5. Swearin

    I’d hire him to solve the case of why his daughter’s tits are so big now. Naturally, I would have to inspect the evidence.

  6. I must admit he’s looking fashionable. Without the caption I would never have guessed that this is a picture of an inbred, mouth-breathing hillbilly.

  7. Alison

    Not to be too complimentary to any member of the Cyrus family, but I coulda sworn that was a mildly hungover Brad Pitt.

  8. Rich white trash dad leads a double life as a local police detective and no one is the wiser. I am about as confused as Billy Ray here as to why Disney didn’t pick up the pilot.

  9. “They’re not kid gloves, Mr. Valiant. This is how we handle things down in Hicktown. I would think you of all people would appreciate that.”

  10. “Has Miley worn this hat before? Well, sure. She also wore the panties I got on raht now, but I don’t see where that’s any of your business.”

  11. Beatnik

    “No, I don’t remember that show about the idiot inspector whose daughter did all the work while he took all the credit. Why does everyone keep asking me that today?”

  12. MRF

    I see dead people!

  13. Reporter: Could you give us a statement please?
    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Yes. Chocolate makes one very thirsty.

  14. Bianca

    You know underneath that sophisticated attire, he’s wearing yellow stained gitch and a Confederate flag cut-off tank top.

  15. CSI Bum-Fuck, Tennessee is sure to be a smash.

  16. Violet

    Not pictured: The Mullet.

  17. Dinosaurland

    Right after this photo was taken, he got a call on his wrist radio and had to go arrest Prune Face.

  18. somerandomchic

    Val Kilmer is looking better..

  19. moneyhoney

    You know Armageddon is close when we live in a world where a hillbilly morphs into Brad Pitt while Brad Pitt morphs into a hillbilly…

  20. Hayabusa

    Looks like a younger Barry Gibb…

  21. Spleener

    How cold is it LA? It’s surely not less than 55F yet this clown bag is dressed like he’s visiting the antarctica. He’s wearing fricking leather gloves.

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