1. See, even the most beautiful of linebackers can pull off the one-shoulder look when done correctly.

  2. brit

    still – and always will be – gorgeous

  3. thin lizzie


  4. Venom

    How did she stay gorgeous while Cameron Diaz aged so horribly?

  5. BAHAH

    One of the few respectable older women left in Hollywood. Scratch that – make that one of the respectable women in Hollywood.

  6. AnnaDraconida

    Those who did the casting in that stupid Snow White movie are idiots. Charlize could roll around in a pig sty & she’s still be more beautiful than Kristen Stewart.

  7. squishy

    That woman is hot no matter what!!

  8. tlmck

    I can’t believe A-rod hasn’t tried to hit this.

  9. Coffee

    “Mirror, mirror… ahhh fuck it, I’m gorgeous”

  10. Flieber

    I got nothing. The previous commenters have captured the greatness that is CT.

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