1. cc

    If you look like that, you should be driving a minivan, and nothing else.

  2. I’ve never really had a thing for women on the nest, but I believe in her case I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands (etc.) off her.

  3. TyroneBiggums

    “Porking Lizzie McGuire, Part 2.”

  4. Stewie Griffin

    Say goodbye to whatever sex appeal she ever had.

  5. SIN

    She is at the point in her pregnancy where she said: Fuck IT”. Have she look doesn’t matter now. Only being able to move around is her priority now. We will still see wonderful tit shots from her the the rest of the body is out of play until several months after the baby is born.

  6. Violet

    If I had a diamond that large, I’d look perpetually excited too.

  7. Joe

    World’s. Best. Blowjobber.

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