1. Also known as “ewok chic.”

  2. Skeets

    Also known as “lost much weight, now fuckable” in ewokanese.

  3. HackSaw

    I hit it.

  4. Johnny P!

    I didn’t know Sears still had photo studios!

  5. Jon Hex

    I hope they have a penicillin dispenser in restroom, because I’d drunkenly tap it.

  6. Cock Dr

    How very ……colorful. Very much in the spirit of the holiday season. She’s like a demented treetop ornament.

  7. Jokes on you Snooki. I’ve already got herpes so let’s do this.

  8. cc

    I hope this was the only picture *crosses fingers*

  9. What the hell is Snooki up to, trying to look fuckable and all? I find it totally unfair that a woman who once made my stomach turn is now making my pee pee tingle.

  10. toon

    It will tingle a lot worse afterwards.

  11. Fuck, I hate myself for saying this, but I’d put my penis in that.

    Keep in mind though, I’m desperate.

  12. 404mage

    Christ Starfire, what happened in the reboot?

  13. 404mage

    Starfire? What the fuck did the DC reboot do to you?!

  14. Can this technically be called a bikini? Ladies…your input, please?

  15. Jon

    And thus ended the existence of furry fetishists.

  16. Lynn

    In all honestly, she has the best looking face out of all of the shore girls, which doesn’t say much.

  17. Gazpacho

    I feel funny…down there.

  18. Dan

    WOW. I cannot believe how much she has changed. I wouldn’t rate her yummy, but she looks really, really good.

  19. frcrkr

    Fuck. My world is spinning and “What happened?” is raging through my mind.

  20. alliwmcer

    Is it me or does it look like there is no bottom to the swimsuit?! I think this might be photoshopped a little.

  21. chopped75_xl

    You can dress up a pig, but it’s still a pig!!

  22. Venom

    It shames me to say that looking how she has lately, I would bang her.

    /Goes to make myself a strong drink now.

  23. BAHAH

    Fat, orange, short, annoying, skanky, and drunk…Because that’s attractive, right?

  24. TheCreaseMaster

    I would rend and torture here anally.

  25. Jimbob

    She could be attractive if she didn’t insist on looking like such a fucking idiot.

  26. This is the book cover for If You Feed A Cheetah a Pickle.

  27. dontkillthemessenger

    She’s lost all that weight and I don’t find her even 1 bit more attractive than before.

    • Drew

      Oh thank god, someone with reason. I still wouldn’t fuck this ugly twat if you paid me. I pity a lot of people here :/

      • Snack pack

        I’m with you guys. Yes, she somehow lost a lot of weight, got some bolt-ons, and probably had some other work done. But there is no plastic surgery for grace, class, height, etc.

    • Brooke

      Agreed. I am not understanding some of the comments for this photo… She still looks like shit.

  28. Mike701

    Introduced at this year’s CES PukeyChoo – The first ever Pokemon Ho character.

  29. Objects in photo are actual size.

  30. timmy the dying boy

    Bikini or not, chances are pretty good it’s crotchless.

  31. Even at 50% off, a slam pig doesn’t change it’s spots.

  32. And don’t forget, she’s the intelligent one in her circle of friends.

  33. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    If I hit it would my penis have orange stain on it, like when you drink an orange fanta?

  34. PowerMuff

    I didn’t know Kim Kardashian had any pics before the whole Ray-Jay porn situation…

  35. her legs are freaking me out…anyone else?

  36. This is what happens when you cross an Ewok, any duck faced girl on Myspace/Facebook and Paris Hilton’s vagina. You get A Snooki.

  37. squishy

    Still looks snookered!

  38. tlmck

    I applaud her on the weight loss but too bad she could not lose the ugly.

  39. arnieblackblack

    She gives me diamond cutter…

  40. Dinosaurland

    No, it has not had all its shots.

  41. cc

    is this crotchless?

  42. Duckface McHerpes…

  43. The O

    Do you think a sign saying, “Insert Dick Here” would be to subtle?

  44. B

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would let her “Yub Yub on my nub nub.”

  45. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    Just what we needed – an excuse to drink tonight. Perhaps a few bottles of vodka will do the trick of erasing this photo from my mind.

  46. dotmatrix

    It’s such an old trick, fat girl using a high camera angle to look skinnier.

  47. Cartman

    I still wouldn’t fuck her.

  48. Kermit von Loenstein

    I’d do her anally while I hold her head in the toilet.

  49. I’m so glad I missed this crap.

  50. King Diamond

    She’s still alive?

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