1. “So then I told the cosmetic dentist, ‘This bigger the better!’ You see, that philosophy has really gotten me far in life. I even have it tattooed on my lower back.”

  2. Drew

    Nice gunt.

  3. Cock Dr

    The subtle elegance of the outfit combined with the demure cosmetics make this look a winner.
    I can only wonder what stilettoed monstrosities she had on down below.

  4. Between her teeth, her tits, and her tummy, she’s sticking out all over. Wonder what her ass looks like…

  5. Lynn

    She needs to fix that horse teeth over bite. I’m sorry but even with her huge tits the teeth were the first thing I noticed.

  6. Beltliner

    …she has teeth?

  7. Snides

    “Where’s the beef?” Oh, never mind.

  8. Biff

    Her mouth reminds me to much of Freddy Mercury.

  9. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    the lack of discernible camel toe is a disappointment. She should call up that legally blonde chick. As it is now she looks like a horse head stuck on a mannequin.

  10. KC

    Kudos to someone’s Photoshop skills for being able to remove what was likely epic camel toe.

  11. Nobody

    She has giant…… brains?

  12. arnieblackblack

    This is horrendous. Plus she’s an idiot. Hitch dies. This lives. Yet more proof there is no god.

  13. i love gold

    More random skanks? Don’t you have to be famous to be a celebrity? I’m gonna start selling pics of sluts from the laundrymat.

  14. ALSO! If Sacha Baron Cohen were to dress up as porn star for a mockumentary, he/she would look like this.

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