1. Michael

    I don’t see any problem with her. Boobies, or GTFO! Because Alexis has a nice little cleavage.

  2. joe

    Overly-attached C-list twit.

  3. In lieu of having something offensive to say – man, but those eyes are striking.

    • I was just thinking the same thing, then got to wondering if they are truly that beautiful or is she perhaps wearing contacts…

    • Steve Naismith

      Yes, in a Children-of-the-Corn-ish sort of way.

    • My guess is not contacts but photoshop enhanced.

      • Inky Black

        I don’t know, in the right light eyes can have a really intense color.
        Just Jared has a pic of her at the same function without the blue background and better looking skin tone, her eyes still look good. You could loose yourself in eyes like them :)

        BTW Superficial: A sign up message every time I up or down vote someone? Really? Kind of annoying :( can’t you make it every fifth vote or something please?

      • banana

        she’s standing in front of a blue wall. tricks our eyes:)

  4. henry hill

    prettiest eyes i ever came across….

  5. Nice eyes… but, contacts or real? Someone must know.

  6. EricLr

    You’d better kill it before it signals its people to begin the invasion.

  7. Hotttttottt

    They are real. She’s extremely pretty!

  8. anonym

    that’s a good angle

    The fact that she’s 31 is starting to show.

  9. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Bzzzaaap. Hypnotized. Off…to buy…all 7 seasons…of Gilmore…Girlzzzzzzz

  10. angerinside

    Uh guys…..
    Bulbous forehead.?
    Scrawny neck?
    Impossibly blue eyes?

    It’s Gollum’s sister.

  11. Wow, those eyes. I stared for a straight minute. She’s beautiful.

  12. Pff

    That’s a beautiful face to cum on. That’s all pretty faces are for anyway.

  13. Beth

    “And for my next trick: This is how I freeze your innards.”

  14. cc

    Someone needs to unravel the genetic code for those eyes.

  15. har

    One of my fave Latin women

  16. Me: “My God, it’s so beautiful!”
    Indie: “Look away! Don’t look at the eyes!”
    Me:”So beeauuuaaaararrgggh” (face melts)

  17. Lerxt

    I love Rory!

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