1. I do believe his face is shrinking.

  2. JC

    He’s telling that awesome joke about “Basic Instinct” that’s still part of his stand-up act. Current!

  3. Moo Cow Hunter

    - I accept this honor with great humility…
    - Jay, it’s not your star!
    - Shut up, Conan!… I mean Hugh.

  4. Wolverine, look out! It’s the Blob!

  5. “Whithle while you work…thhh thhhh thhhh thhhhh thhhhh”

  6. tlmck

    Chris Christie sure get’s around.

  7. Rosalie


  8. “I breathe like this because I have a deviated septum…”

  9. you can thee the lithp

  10. “I told Conan he could have this speaking gig, but then I took it back at the last minute.”

  11. cc

    The new frontman for ‘The Blockheads’.

  12. jt

    Is that a forked tongue?

  13. kaylia

    sthuffering sthucotasth

  14. Holy Sam Hill

    I’m really excited to see his take on Little Face in the new Dick Tracy.

  15. Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair

    Picture the smell of his breath.

    Oh and while your at it. Picture him naked with that exact look on his face.

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