1. patch

    They’re hybrid name… Sandburger.

  2. oooh, bimbo got herself a himbo

  3. There’s more lucite than lucid in this picture, I’d wager.

  4. Cock Dr

    Who’s the bottom in this relationship?

  5. Dame Ed

    Stop with the frosting! Frosted eye shadow, frosted lipstick…Stop!!

  6. That’s his mother though, right?

  7. popwilleatitself

    She looks like she is attempting to express something.

  8. Deacon Jones

    So would…, so would

  9. mick

    god, I’d fuck him for days & days – what a hottie!

  10. Heywood Jablome

    Damn You for omitting the Stripper Heels.

  11. Quack, quack !! Quack, quack !!

  12. yourmom

    Ugh. The things people would do for fame…

  13. angerinside

    I hope he didn’t pay for the full hour.

  14. What the fuck? He’d be really attractive if he wasn’t touching the syphilis queen. I hope to fuck he’s dumb as a box of crackers, otherwise that’s one hell of an unfortunate waste.

  15. cc

    The sign behind them says it all.

  16. Dick Trickle

    Gross. I hope she starts dating Chris Brown. He could become like celebrity Dexter, getting rid of the awful women “celebrities.” He is going to do it anyway we may as well give him a useful direction.

  17. She looks like a cardboard cutout, and he just picks her up and moves here from place to place.

  18. “Mom, after the picture, can just go home? Worst Winter Formal ever!”

  19. edamame

    Candy canes are now ruined for everyone.

  20. skunk

    that guy is prettier than her

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