1. Jack Reacharound?

  2. Very brave of him to try and negotiate that crowd wearing stilts.

  3. This is a joke , right? Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. In the books, which I am sure he has not read, Jack Reacher is 6’5″ and 240 and a former MP. How a midget Jewish spaceman is going to pull that off is not very clear. What s next? Peter Dinkage as Robert Wadlow?

    I guess they are counting on the illiteracy of Americans…

  4. EricLr

    ….No seriously, why can’t you get an erection?

  5. “Will you marry me, young stranger? “

  6. AnnaD.

    I have no idea how he got cast as Jack Reacher. There must’ve been blowjobs involved, or is Hollywood THAT idiotic now??

    • oldfool

      The Space Cadet Mafia (Scientologists) own half of Hollyrock these days. The other half celebrates Chanaukah.

  7. Cute girl, Cruise. Maybe you can get her to go home with you. Just make sure you get her up in time to make her a lunch and get her to school.

  8. angerinside

    “Seriously it’s a great deal. You get to travel the world, live in big houses, have your picture taken all the time, get pregnant by any white guy you want (just not me) as long as you sign this prenup and promise that once a month you’ll wear a Muscavige mask and let my stick thetans up your ass.”

  9. lori

    Be careful. Your face is going to freeze like that. Ohh….

  10. cc

    Heheheh, I was just joking when I said ‘You ever though about becoming a soulless automaton?’

  11. Man, she must only be three feet tall.

  12. John Travolta

    She’s cute. I’d fuck her all ways to Sunday….and maybe Mon or Tues. Lemme check my schedule….

    Clear…looks like we’re on!

  13. rubbydubby

    His dick is probably the size of his pinky.

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