1. joe

    Alright then, deal! I’ll tell everyone you’re straight, and you’ll tell everyone that I’m just big-boned.

  2. “I’m telling ya.. I saw Anne’s vag first and it was glorious!”
    “I know, right???”

  3. “Marvelous, we can have sex!”
    “Erm…I’m not gay, Hugh, sorry”

  4. SER

    “Dood, I may look a lil like Boy George right now, but I’m not gay!”

  5. EricLr

    No, really, Hugh, I’m going to stop drinking this time.

  6. “I’m serious Hugh, don’t tell anyone about Nuclear Man and this kryptonite island I’m making”

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    “Don’t know what part of Australia you’re from,but what you are holding is not a shrimp and I would appreciate it if you didn’t throw it on the barbie.”

  8. “Touch me again, Hugh, and I’ll bash your face in with my cell phone.”

  9. Mark B

    Don’t fuck with me, mate! How much bank can I land in these superhero flicks?? I got this Penguin bloke down to a fucking science!

  10. cc

    You should have seen the guys face when the ash tray flew past his head.

  11. oldfool

    I’m sooo sick of these two. IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW!

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