1. You’re telling me I can dress up my wife to look just like that?
    And all I need is the blanket?

  2. CanadianCarl

    I remember him when he was live. He was real wanker.

  3. patch

    The Village remake.

  4. “Mumsie! ‘Oo invited you?”

  5. Frank Burns

    “Now see here, Camilla, I won’t stand for you smirking at me like that.”

  6. “Is this a laborer?”

  7. I want this picture exactly on my $20 dollar bills when the Queen kicks off.

  8. “Good Lord … my wife’s skull!”

  9. So Diana is still around and still anorexic …

  10. EricLr

    The Queen’s looking well.

  11. Brit

    Yes indeed. I was never permitted to leave Buckingham Palace when I was a nipper because of the perceived fear of these hostiles.

  12. Brit

    No bitty from her then?

  13. Jamriqua

    pull my finger…

  14. “Mother- what are you doing here?”

  15. “Will it…will it bite me?”

  16. Mark B

    Did you forget our agreement, Material Girl? I supply you with a fresh supply of virgins and in return you NEVER show up at Buckingham Palace in your true form!!

  17. Oz Matters

    (Prince Charles playing “Eye Spy”)
    So… you say it begins with ‘S’ …..
    hmmmm …
    lets see ….
    I know ….. Sarah Jessica Parker.

  18. “I must have this…sexually!”

  19. Never poke a gift Jessica-Parker in the mouth.

  20. It’s lady Diana, post Paris tunnel years.

  21. cc

    “Are those English teeth?”

  22. “BANG! You’re dead.”

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