1. lawn

    She looks like she wants to kill me.

  2. What’s he so smug about?

  3. Chris Brown

    Her face is tough to beat.

  4. JC

    I’m feeling inspired.

  5. dirtdog

    A man?

  6. damnrobert

    I have to admit – without the Adam’s apple Bruce Jenner is kind of hot

  7. Anon

    WTF? I’ve never seen her look uglier.

  8. Isn’t she a little “dark” for the Christmas season?

  9. them boobs amfar apart
    (sorry, it was a long reach, I know)

  10. Joe Blow

    God bless us, everyone.

  11. Judd

    Must have been a damn good surgeon who removed his adams apple!!! woof woof. Maybe that is who Bruce Jenner Left that Kardashian whore (the oldest one of the bunch) for??

  12. she is turning into a man. she and Gisele. they were ok when younger but now …,maybe she should put some weight on

  13. brideoftheatom

    She looks like she’s had multiple plastic surgeries since her Wikipedia photo from 2009.


  14. The Pope

    Calling that cleavage is like saying that Terry Bradshaw has a wide part in his hair.

  15. That’s not Alessandra Ambrosio, it’s the Alessandra Ambrobot 2.0

  16. Jenn

    Every time I see a mannish woman, I’m going to think of trachea shaving. I learn so much from this place, it’s awesome!! And scary.

  17. I’ve always thought she was beautiful, but she looks like a drag queen here. WTF?

  18. Phoenix

    It’s a good thing boys don’t cry. That eye make up would make a huge mess.

  19. whatever

    sHE looks like a man

  20. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    Fuck the haters, I’d wreck it like Lindsay Lohan’s car.

  21. Mama Pinkus

    like Brooke Shields, she is starting to look manly

  22. I thought it was George Clooney’s ex-boyfriend.

  23. anonymous

    It’s usually pretty awesome when supermodels beginning the downward spiral into falling into my league but ew…..what happened to her?

  24. Wait, what happened to her face? It looks really bad, like she had a face lift. She looks a lot older than usual. What is going on here?

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