1. joe

    Banta’s now a flyweight.

  2. Joe Blow


  3. Who’s the Boss…of this Rest Home? I need a new bedpan, like, NOW.

  4. cc

    I loved him in Punky Brewster.

  5. If he just had longer hair and an apron he could play the old Italian mom in those Barilla commercials

  6. I don’t know Tony came from Geppetto’s workshop.

  7. Apparently, the boss is Father Time.

  8. Forget Taxi, he needs a Mr. Mobility.

  9. Alan Alda's Nutsack

    He looks like an 80 year old lesbian.

  10. He looked healthier at the end of “Angels in the Outfield.”

  11. “Hold me closer, Tony Daaaannnzaaaa”

  12. Hate Mongrel

    He’s on the AIDS diet plan.

  13. Phoenix

    Don Knotts + Tony Randall =

  14. sc4play

    Has Tony been seeing Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgeon??

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